The domain of gastroenterology encompasses the esophagus, stomach and the intestinal tract of the human body, in addition to the liver, with the biliary vesicle, and pancreas.

The specialist must also have significant knowledge of the diverse methods of applicable exams for these organs.  We can, for example, examine the esophagus, stomach and intestine through endoscopy. To this effect, we introduce within the stomach, for example, passing through the esophagus, a tube equipped with a tiny camera at its end. The images produced by this camera are transmitted to a screen. The doctor analyzes these images and establishes a corresponding diagnosis. They will do the same for images of the liver, which are produced with a sonograph, for example.

Concerning the treatment of these diseases, the gastroenterologist selects the appropriate medication or decides on an operation. For surgical interventions, he closely cooperates with the visceral surgeon. He advises his patients, for instance, on their future nutritional choices.


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