Endocrinology/diabetics is a medical specialty, which combines the study and the treatment of illnesses, related to hormonal issues. Hormones are created by special glands, such as the thyroid, pituitary gland, pancreas, suprarenal, ovaries and testicles. These hormones, whose number exceeds thirty, are then delivered through the blood vessels to the entire organism and play a key regulatory role in numerous processes. To cite one of the most known of these, insulin produced by the pancreas regulates blood sugar levels.
Endocrinology/diabetics is concerned with quite varied medical aspects, such as arterial hypertension, cholesterol excesses, weight issues, infertility, and growth issues in children; the term diabetics designates the knowledge about diabetes and its monitoring.
Endocrinology/diabetics treats the different illnesses associated with functional disorders or the production of different hormones. They sometimes conduct diverse tests, in order to diagnose a patient. They are then concerned with the actual illness, prescribe the correct treatment, which includes the appropriate medication, but also the necessary advice about hygienic measures, which will favorably influence the evolution of the illness, through, for example, the modification of diet habits or increased exercise. Then, they insure the long-term follow-up with the patient, by controlling the efficiency of the measures taken and adapting them following the evolution of the disease.


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