Massages thérapeutiques

Therapeutic Massage or Osteo-vertebrology

As an objective, this form of therapy has the objective of eliminating pain throughout the body, by associating traditional Chinese techniques, osteology and vertebrology. It is a form of massage therapy of the spinal cord, as well as the muscles and articulations which are dependent on it. It primarily discerns the muscular and skeletal pains associated with this area, in addition to their origin.

Essential Oil Massage

This method aims to provide emotional relief, in order to induce physical and psychical relaxation, which will enable daily issues to be faced with greater serenity. This massage also works on organs, in terms of drainage and stimulation, for instance, of the digestive system.

It also aids with the treatment of common affections (ex. Sinusitis, the flu, etc.), thus leading to a harmonization of the body's energy and overall relaxation.

TUINA Massage

This consists of a therapeutic massage, which is both vigorous and relaxing. It includes the stimulation of acupunctural points, allowing for an efficient treatment of painful areas, and the stimulation of metabolic functions within the organism.

It liberates tensions, favors an overall sense of wellbeing and energetic circulation. It is recommended to heal stress, muscular pains, migraines, backaches, fatigue, circulatory issues, insomnia, etc.

Vascular and Lymphatic Manual Tissue Revitalization Drainage (DVTM)

DVTM is a circulatory massage, which activates and harmonizes lymphatic as well as venous functions. This massage is recommended for circulatory issues, heavy legs, lymphatic edema (ex. big arms), post-operatory hematomas, scars, cellulite, constipation and tendinitis.


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