Hand surgery

A vast discipline, which relies on all of the most sophisticated techniques (osteosynthesis, microsurgery, tendinous stitches), hand surgery, or more generally, surgery of the superior member and of the peripheral nerves, aims to treat all pathologies, whether they result from trauma or illness.

Thus, the hand surgeon will handle, among other examples, all types of fractures, with or without lesions of the noble tissues (skin, nerve, tendon, veins), as well as all types of affectations, such as Dupuytren's Disease or arthritis, but especially, illnesses, such as the syndrome of the carpian canal, numerous cysts and other inflammatory concerns (tendonitis, etc.), which are more frequent.

Smaller interventions are more often treated in ambulatory care; but the graver ones frequently necessitate a short hospitalization.

These operations are mostly conducted under loco regional anesthesiology, and exceptionally, general anesthesiology


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