Physiotherapy is the paramedical discipline, which treats diseases, handicaps, paralyses, and dysfunctions of the human body, using natural methods. It aims to reestablish quality and integrity to body movements.

Since 1966, physiotherapy is officially recognized in Switzerland as a paramedical profession. Having inherited ancient techniques, it benefits, nevertheless, from the most recent scientific acquisitions and never ceases to develop. It notably employs:

Massage and the mobilization of soft tissues (skin, muscles, fascias...), active movements and exercises, passive or semi-active articular mobilizations, heat and cold, water, different types of electric currents and therapeutical rays, different luminous rays and other physical agents...

Thanks to knowledge of the human body and biomechanics, physiotherapy also acts on the prevention of diseases and accidents.


Through its influence on pain and functional disturbances, physiotherapy enables the more rapid reintegration of the patients, injured or handicapped in the functional circuit.


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