The chiropodist is specialized in the treatment of feet affectations. They are health professionals. They are formed to treat, without medical prescription, affectations of the epidermis of the foot, with the exception of all surgical interventions, which provoke bleeding. The chiropodist treats all skin and toenail affectations: horns, oeils-de-perdix, ingrown toenails, overlapping of the toes, depressions within the arch of the foot, partial or total reconstitution of the toes, calluses, mycoses, plantar warts, without forgetting sweating disturbances. Each consultation begins with a clinical exam. The pedicure chiropodist must reach a diagnosis before conducting a therapeutical treatment: extraction, sampling, massage, cutting and caring for the toenails. They prescribe medication, which treats local concerns, such as antimycosics or warticides. They also fabricate orthopedic soles, called plantar ortheses, in order to compensate fort he malformations of the feet, prevent vascular issues in the legs, or pathologies of the knees and back. These ortheses are created with the help of informatics. In case of arthritis, fractures or severe disturbances in blood circulation, they direct their patients to practitioners specialized in these pathologies.

This profession demands much manual skill: precise gestures, good confidence in handwork and much meticulousness are required. A good human contact is necessary.


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