Etiopathy is  mechanical medicine, which originates from osteopathy. It considers the body in terms of its entirety. It aims to research restrictions of the mobility within tissues (articulation, ligaments, fascia, muscles), and to restore them, in order to enable them to function correctly. The human body is constituted of different systems, linked together through mechanical or neuro-vascular relationships. The balance and harmony of the function of this entirety partly depends on the good, dynamic quality, which exists between these systems.

Osteopathy addresses reversible functional lesions. This implies that it is not indicated, for instance, in cases of fractures, tumors or to treat severe disease, risking the life of the individual.

It is difficult to establish a list of pathologies, which can be favorably influenced by osteopathy, as there origins are often divers or multiple.

Your osteopathologist is the most competent person in the recognition of diseases or disturbances, which they can treat. In another case, they may delegate their patient to other competent experts. Osteopathy is, thus, complementary to allopathic medicine.

It is thanks to the adequate formation of osteopathologist members of the FSO-SVO that the profession has been recognized as a primary practice, offering patients the right to directly consult an osteopathologist, without first referring to a doctor.

In addition, osteopathology is covered by complementary health insurance, without medical prescription.


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