Ergotherapy builds on the principle that acting is a fundamental necessity of man, and employs activity according to therapeutical needs.

According to the needs and habits found in life, the ergo therapist aims to:
Reestablish an injured function
Conserve autonomy or prevent complications
Develop new skills to compensate for a handicap
All treatments methods are medically prescribed, and are covered by basic insurance, according to Lamal tariffing.

Ergotherapy in residence
The aim is to ameliorate or maintain the autonomy, comfort and security of the individual within their own environment, and according to their daily habits, following the methods below:
Evaluation of the needs and capacities within daily activities (toiletry, dressing, movement, meals)
Reeducation, aiming to recover optimal function through therapeutical activities
Re-adaptation through counseling for:
Installations within the environment (accessibility, bath planks, rails)
Gestual education (back, prostheses, prevention of falls)
Employment of auxiliary methods (thread sock)


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