Wounds and Cicatrisation

In association with the Haute Ecole de Santé et la Coopérative des Soins Infirmiers (Health school and cooperative of nursing care), the Onex medical group manages a specialized consultation of wounds. An interdisciplinary platform is offered to care providers and doctors, in this very specific domain. The group includes two expert nurses in the treatment of wounds and cicatrisation, in addition to other specialists*.

A precocious diagnosis and adapted care prevents the pejoration or infection of wounds, or chronically ground themselves. Wound consultation offers the possibility for rapid and complete investigations, accompanied the proposition of preventive measures and health protocols.

In function of the demand, more specific advice can be requested. The consultation functions as a center of formation for the ET specialists for patients.

The possibility of consultation in the EMS for patients confined to their beds.

The domestic follow-up is largely facilitated, permitting certain useless hospitalizations to be avoided, by reinforcing a network to assure a continuous and adapted follow-up.

*Specialists associated with the wounds and cicatrisation group

General practitioner Angiologist, Dietician, Dermatologis,t Physiotherapis,t Diabetologist, Ergotherapist


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