Psychiatry is a medical specialty, involved in the treatment of psychiatric diseases (anxiety, depression, burnouts, addictions, psychoses, personality disorders, etc.) and associated psychic affections (emotional suffering and disturbance, behavioral disorders, exhaustion, etc.). Above all, it establishes a space of listening, evaluation, and medical as well as psychotherapeutic control of one or many bio-psycho-social disorders. Psychic suffering can arise in times of stress, whether they be associated with familial, professional or social issues, with issues within a couple, or whether they be recurrent or punctual; it is extremely common, and represents a health concern, which can affect everyone during all courses of life, and for which specialized care is soften necessary. Sometimes, psychic suffering can also arise without an evident stress factor, or can be associated with an undermining organic cause. When possible, collaboration with a family doctor is privileged.


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