Pneumology is the specialized science of the respiratory tracts. It is concerned with the structure and functioning of the lungs and air-conducting organs, such as the bronchial tubes or trachea.

The pneumologist masters diverse exams. For instance, they can conduct an endoscopy of the respiratory tracts, in order to determine the cause of respiratory trouble, or collect tissue samples. They can also conduct a test of the pulmonary function or demand a radiograph of the lung.

An important aspect of their work is the medical treatment of asthma. They prescribe appropriate medication and explain the correct employment of these to the patient. The also advise asthma sufferers on methods of protecting themselves against an attack.

In terms of the treatment of pulmonary diseases through operations, the pneumologist cooperates with the specialist in thoracic and vascular surgery. Nowadays, we can eliminate constrictions within the respiratory tracts, caused by a tumor, with laser surgery, or by placing prostheses (stents) within the respiratory tracts, in order to maintain them open.

Among others, the pneumologist often cooperates with a specialist in the study of allergies.


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