The study of allergies

The study of allergies is a specialty, which is concerned with certain exaggerated or abnormal interactions between the environment and the individual. In response to allergies, the susceptible or predisposed (atopic) individual will develop a hyper sensibility, which can manifest itself through different symptoms (cutaneous, digestive, ocular, nasal and/or respiratory). The specialist in the study of allergies or immunology has knowledge of the different substances within the environment and nutrition, which can provoke an allergy. Allergies notably include seasonal rhino-conjunctivitis, chronic rhinitis, eczema, certain digestive issues and asthma. In order to establish a diagnosis for an allergy, other than establishing individual history, the doctor has access to tools, such as cutaneous tests, blood exams, and provocation tests. They, then, select the symptomatic treatment indicated, and orient the patient, when possible, on the various preventive or curative treatments (such as desensitization).

Immunology is principally concerned with immune disorders, susceptible to provoke autoimmune diseases, in addition to certain immune deficiencies.


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