The Onex medical group is a site of care, which exclusively belongs to the doctors who work there. It unites different therapists, doctors and health professionals, who wish to collaborate and share their competences. Each one of them is responsible for their own domain of expertise.


The sharing of competences and the multidisciplinary atmosphere have enabled a reflection on the medical practice, which has led to the publishing of a book ("Doctor, I have...", edition Medecine and hygiene, HYPERLINK "", and a site of medical formation, which illustrates the group's concern for quality... This has also enabled the GMO to gain recognition as a center for the formation of doctors, medical assistants and technicians in radiology.


We promise to communicate the most complete and clearest information possible on your health, in addition to the treatments you are given and proposed. We assure you the utmost confidentiality, and guarantee you access to your medical file, according to the modalities established by the law.


The GMO's technical installations allow for the secure management of medical and surgical care, in the majority of medical and surgical ambulatory domains.


The doctors at the GMO have organized themselves, in order to easily manage the daily medical and surgical emergencies, including those for children. Following your request, all medical information, regarding your consult, will be transmitted to your general practitioner. If a clinical hospitalization is necessary, the medical experts are at your disposition. If your general practitioner is located at the GMO, they can continue your treatment within your own home.

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